Review: Is Bixtrary’s Approach to Brand Mention And Media Coverage Right For You?

Media coverage and link building are two critical things that every serious business owner needs to succeed online.

When your company, product or service is covered in an authoritative media site  your potential clients visit, the results can significantly transform your bottom line.

And if you’re lucky to get a link from that website, your website could rank higher in Google which would result in getting more traffic to your site, increasing your customer base and multiplying your profits.

However, getting media coverage and backlinks is not all Sunshine like it sounds.

And there are a few reasons for that…

When you get the right media coverage and backlink, your business would improve.

But if you get them from the wrong places, your business suffers.

In this post, I’m going to highlight what a good source of media coverage and backlinks are and why. I’m also going to cover what a wrong source of media coverage and backlinks is and why.

Then I’ll proceed to answer if Bixtrary is right for you or not.

Good And Bad Neighborhood

There’s an old adage that says… Show me your friend, and I’ll tell you who you are! There’s another that also says…bad communication corrupts good manners.

These two adage describes exactly how the concept of Good and bad neighborhood works. And in link building, it’s not different either.

You see, on the internet, all websites categorically fall into either a good website or a bad website.

A good website is an authoritative site that provides useful information that meets the needs of people when they search on Google for the keywords on which those information are based.

On the other hand, a bad website is a website that is filled with spam, filled with poor content and hurts user experience.

When a website is registered for the first time, it is neither good nor bad. However, with time, other websites that this new website decides to associate with will eventually tell whether it is good or bad.

And by association, I mean getting backlinks from those websites.

When a normal website starts getting a ton of links from poor, shady and Sammy website, Google will start categorizing it as a website that’s in a bad neighborhood. As a result, the website would be treated as bad as well.

On the other hand, if the website associates with good websites by getting links from them, with time, Google would also categorize it as a good website provided it meets other criteria such as publishing quality and useful content, and doesn’t hurt user experience.

Google as a business has a mission to organize the world’s information.

Which means when someone performs a search, they want to show good websites with useful, quality information that’s related to what the person is searching about.

When you get a bunch of links or media coverage from websites in a good neighborhood, they will help you to rank higher in Google, get more traffic, buyers and multiply your profits.

But when you get links from websites in a bad neighborhood, the reverse is usually the case.
Rather than rank higher for keywords  that are relevant to your business, you’d be ranking for irrelevant terms at best, and at worse, you could lose your entire rankings.

How Bixtrary Tend to Help Your Business Grow

Bixtrary is a company that prides itself on the possibility of helping your business get media coverage, brand mentions and unique backlinks through their Bixtrary method.

Although, they aren’t primarily a link building service or agency, however, acquiring links is one of the side benefits of using their platform.

According to some colleagues of mine in the industry that also use Bixtrary, Bixtrary is good and helpful for online businesses, excluding of course the porn, gambling and weapons industries which they don’t support at the moment.

And they do this through the following methods…

1. By Distributing your content on websites in a good neighborhood.

Their Bixtrary method involves having an inventory of websites in good neighborhood.

These are sites whose owners don’t want to continue dealing with the numerous back and forth emails of those that wish to guestpost on their site. These are also sites whose owner wants to keep publishing high quality content, but don’t have the time to write it themselves or hire freelancers to write it for them. These are also sites whose owners that don’t want to continue spending tons of time editing what others have written for publication on their site.

Together, they form the inventory that makes up the Bixtrary method.

So when you sign up with Bixtrary, you’ll have the option to write a post on any of the keywords each of these website owners provided which relates to what their site is all about.

After writing the post on any of the provided keywords (or a keyword of your choice which wasn’t provided), the editors at Bixtrary will then go over it.

Once satisfied, they’d send the post to any of the bloggers or website owners in their inventory for publication. The editors at Bixtrary ensures the post are of high quality, meets Google’s standards, as well as the standard of the target website where it will be sent for publication.

2. Anchor Text Optimization

Another thing that helps or reduce rankings of websites on Google is the extent to which their anchor text are optimized.

Too much of anchor optimization would send a signal that you’re trying to game Google’s search system and could lead to a penalty or loss or rankings.

On the other hand, inadequate optimization for the keywords you want to rank for would also lead to low rankings.

The team of editors at Bixtrary ensures that the right ratio of anchor text optimization is done so you can continue to get the best results from their platform without setting off an alarm at Google.

3. Link Velocity

Ever heard the saying that speed kills? Well, it does in link building as well.

When you try to rank your website higher in Google by building backlinks, the speed at which you do that can make or mar your success.

When the rate at which the links are acquired is too high, that will set off an “unnatural” linking pattern on Google which would attract a manual action on your site and possibly hurt your site.

In other for this not to happen, the team at Bixtrary ensures your links are drip fed in a sequence that makes them look as natural as possible.

This way, you get the most benefits from their services without any form of risk.

So to answer the question…

Is Bixtrary Right For You?

Well, it depends.

If your business will benefit from the aforementioned services, then it is right for you. If on the other hand, your business won’t move an inch from the points mentioned above, then you should probably not use them at all.